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Every song is a story and every story is a song waiting to happen...


          Welcome to An American Tea Opera        

An American Tea Opera presents 90 minute musicals for all ages with original scripts, original songs and cover songs.  Perfect for Dinner Theater, Cabaret and Children's Theater.

Our current offering is:


MACK ARTHUR: It's 1972 and Ninth grade English teacher, Mack Arthur, can not forget the moment he first laid eyes on Gloria Stephens. He pictures every detail of their life together, but sometimes life's got a whole 'notha bag.

This production features five performers setting the stage a blaze with their singing and acting. A five piece band creating a live soundscape of 70's Funk, R&B and Soulful Ballads, including Stevie Wonder's "Superstition", Aretha Franklin's "Daydreamin'", Richard Harris' "MacArthur Park" and The Isley Brother's "Work To Do". Also featuring the original love song, "One Heartbeat Away"(Link to the Left). Come relive some of your greatest memories and even create some new ones. 


An American Tea Opera Catalogue:

1.Light and Sweet




3. 7 Good Ways

(Lesson Plan on Good Citizenship included)


4. The King of Kings' Cake of Cakes

(Lesson Plan on Diversity included)


5.That That Is Is That That Is Not Is Not Is That Not It It Is

(Lesson Plan on Punctuation)

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